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Adopt A Basset Hound!

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Basset Hound from HHBR. The HHBR adoption process ensures the best possible placement for the basset. The basic steps are described below. We have placed a great length of time and love into caring for the Basset, it’s only fair to them you read through the entire process and requirements!

Once you have read through the process of adoption and some of the requirements we have, click on the button for the Adoption Application to the right!

Adoption Process

Step 1

The application. Review all the information on this site and decide if basset adoption is right for you. If you feel a rescue basset is the dog for you, then complete and submit the online Adoption Application.

Step 2A

Veterinarian reference. If applicable, we will contact your veterinarian and ask him or her some questions to verify that you have had regular veterinary care performed on your current and past pets. A satisfactory reference indicates that your pets are current on rabies and distemper vaccines (within the last three years), yearly or biannual heartworm testing and monthly heartworm prevention.

Step 2B

Landlord/Property Management Reference. If applicable, we will contact your landlord/property manager to confirm pets are indeed allowed in your rental property. We will also confirm the weight limit restrictions if applicable. If a pet deposit is required by your rental management this will need to be paid prior to any placement of a hound with confirmation from your landlord/property manager.

Step 3

Selecting your basset. Once your application is reviewed, HHBR’s Adoptions Coordinator will contact you who with any questions/concerns HHBR may have & to review your application with you. Your Adoption Coordinator will work collaboratively with you to find a basset hound that will be suitable for your family and lifestyle. You will be provided with details regarding the dog’s personality, medical history, location, and any specialized adoption criteria. You will then be given a chance to speak to the foster home. There may be situations where there are several families considering a single dog. The Adoptions Coordinator will let you know if that is the case and where you stand.

Step 4

Home visit. As soon as we have all the requested information & an initial phone interview has been conducted, we will arrange a house visit. Depending on the location of your home & the foster home we will kindly seek help from local rescue resources in your area. Once a local rescue representative is found the Adoptions Coordinator will connect you with this volunteer so that you can arrange a time that works best for everyone’s schedules. We ask that you have your family present for this visit. The purpose of the house visit is to personally meet you and your family, verify the information in your application, review HHBR policies, answer any of your questions and discuss what you are looking for in a basset. At this time you will also receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement (PDF file requires Adobe Reader).

Step 5

Signing the adoption contract and adopting your basset. Once you have selected your basset, & all of the adoption requirements have been met & approved you will be required to sign a contract and pay an adoption fee (based on the dog’s age) to finalize the adoption process. Be sure you have read the Sample Adoption Contract (PDF file requires Adobe Reader) and understand its conditions before signing. No adoption fees will be refunded after seven calendar days.

Please understand we cannot reserve or hold any particular basset on our list until the adoption process is completed. For this reason, it is important that you complete the Adoption Application and return it to us promptly. HHBR makes every effort to process your application promptly, but because we are an all-volunteer organization, the adoption process does take time. HHBR does not guarantee that all prospective adopters will be approved. We reserve the right to choose the adoptive families we feel are most suited to our bassets’ needs at the time of application. We evaluate all applicants on a case by case basis. People who are not approved may wish to reapply at a later time when their circumstances change. Disapproval simply means that HHBR does not feel it has the right basset hound for the applicant at the present time; it is not a reflection on the applicants’ character. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Some of the REQUIREMENTS HHBR has for adopters:

  • We will NOT place a Basset into a Home which has current un-altered pets(dogs or cats)
  • ALL current pets in the home HAVE to be Current on vaccinations. Dogs needs to have a negative HW test on file in the past year and cats must be UTD as well(even if they are inside only animals)
  • All current pets in the home MUST be indoor animals…we will NOT adopt to homes with dogs or cats that are left outdoors during any long length of time(ie they have a “run”/”pen” and a dog house)
  • SECURE FENCED IN YARDS. HHBR prefers that all adoptive homes have a completely fenced secure yard. Since most of the hounds come to our rescue as strays or breeder/puppy mill releases we hope adopters understand when we require adoptive homes with a secure fenced in yard we do it for the benefit of the hounds. We will consider homes with the use of tie-outs and/or leash walking on a case by case basis. NO UNDERGROUND FENCING is permitted (clause: HHBR will however consider previous adopters with positive history of proper containment and safety of their hound(s) for future adoptions.) Please understand that we have only the best interest of the hounds we consider ‘ours'(we do after all get as attached as any adoptive parent could be) as many of the hounds come to us as either strays who end up in shelters or finders homes, puppy mills/breeders and the overwhelming knowledge that no matter how trained a Basset (or any breed) is said to be once a scent is caught the hound will rarely acknowledge anyone shouting at it to stop.

Adoption Pricing

Pure Basset Puppies under 1 year$275
Mix Basset Puppies under 1 year$250
Adults 1 to 8 years$250
Seniors 8 & up $225
Bonded Pairs$250
Basset Mixes$250


Hounds Haven Basset Rescue of Iowa, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization by the IRS. All contributions & adoptions fees are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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