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First HHBR wants to thank you for considering fostering a Basset Hound in need of that second chance. Fostering is a very critical, sometimes challenging, always rewarding, vital part of rescue.

Fostering Information

HHBR always has a need for good foster homes. Many bassets come to us who have been starved, neglected, beaten or abused. Some bassets were given away because they were “too big,” “too old,” “shed too much,” or have been replaced by newer pets or even furniture. Some have had beloved owners die. Even physically healthy and well looked after dogs are often emotionally distraught and confused by the loss of their former homes.

HHBR always finds forever homes for our Basset’s, but it takes time! We want to find the perfect family, so that our dogs will not suffer yet more traumas & change in the future. This is where foster parenting comes in.

What exactly is a foster home?

A foster home is a family who takes into their home one of HHBR’s homeless basset hounds. They care for and evaluate the dog’s temperament until a new forever home is found. Foster homes are essential to a successful adoption. They have first-hand experience with the dog and can aide our Adoption Coordinator in placing the dog in the right home. If you would love to have a basset hound, but are not in a position to take on full responsibility for a hound right now, this is a great way to get to know what might be involved, to get to know the breed, and maybe to meet the one hound that will steal your heart! Our foster homes get first call on their foster dogs when it comes to choosing their forever home. Although you will probably fall in love with nearly every hound you foster, you can be sure that they are going on to the best home we can find… and often you can stay in touch and get photos/updates etc. so they never really leave your heart!

As a foster parent, you will be asked to make a commitment to providing a temporary home for several days, weeks or months, during which time HHBR, along with you, will be looking for the perfect, permanent adoptive family for the dog. HHBR will pay all medical charges for the basset while in your care. You will be asked to provide food, love, and emotional support for the basset during this crucial transitional time. In addition, you’ll give us feedback about the dog so that we can ensure a good match. You may also need to administer medications, or give special loving attention.

Nothing is more rewarding than to take in a sad, lonely, despondent dog and see him or her revive, and turn into a loving and happy pet. When he leaves for his new permanent home, you will have the joy of knowing the part you played in making it all possible. And perhaps – to take in your next foster dog!

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Frequently Asked Fostering Questions

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