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We miss you and will meet again one day our sweet angels!!
Rescue Date: 5/6/2009
Gotcha Date: 5/31/2009
 At The Bridge: 8/24/2009
  Loved By: Dave, Cindy, Casey & All Who Met Her!
Mabel died from complications of heart worm disease 3 months after we adopted her.
Although we only had Mabel for a short while, she made an incredible impact on our lives.  Mabel had more than enough love to share with everyone, and she did that freely and unconditionally.  Mabel’s one desire was to be loved and wanted; hopefully she felt that before she had to leave us. Our very good friend told us when she learned of Mabel’s passing that God had sent her to us so she could know love before she left this earth and we are blessed to have been chosen to do that for her.
Mabel left behind her 2 loving families (foster and adopted) and her very best friend, Lilly, who misses her every day.
If one thing can happen from Mabel’s  passing we hope that it will be to elevate the awareness of heart worm disease and its prevention. No dog should have to die from this easily preventable disease.
Miss Daisy Jane
Loved By: John, Kathy, Emma, Colton & All Who Met Her!!
This is my dog Miss Daisy Jane is came from a rescue in Kansas. We got her as a foster dog and fell in instant love.  She had been put outside on cold hard cement because she had a bladder infection, so of course a simple thing got a lot worse.  I don’t think she has seen love for a  long time before she came to us. Our family fell in love with the and we kept her safe and sound. I took her to the vet to have a lump on the under side of her tail and it was cancer. A tumor that ran the entire length of her spine. That day she went to the rainbow bridge in my arms. But she knew she was very loved.
DOB 9/2/2009
At The Bridge: 10/18/2009
Loved By Cindy(her foster mom), Karin( her foster Mom) & All Who Met Her!
From the day you were born we just knew you were one of a kind.
So tiny yet so strong always willing to just get along.
Your sweet special soul touched everyone you knew.
God’s speed our sweet Wini….you are gone but will NEVER be  forgotten!
Rescue Date: 6/10/2009
At The Bridge: 10/30/2009
Loved By: Cynthia(His Foster Mom) and All Who Met Him!
Sweet Barney was brought to our rescue by a fellow rescuer in MO.  He was picked up by Animal control in her town and was found convulsing.  Immediately rushed to a vet it was found Barney suffered from a severe infestation of Heart Worms.  So severe it caused irreparable  blindness.  He also suffered from a tick-borne illness and a severe intestinal parasite infestation.  We immediately placed him a foster home with experience in blindness and HW recovery.  He fought very hard & his determination to never let his illness’s and blindness slow him down until the very end was truly admirable.  Barney lost his battle due to complications of HW’s & is now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.  God’s Speed sweet Barney.
8 Years Old
At The Bridge: December 30, 2009
Lucy was a sweet 8 year old girl who was surrendered by her owners at Christmas time 2009 to a shelter in Topeka, KS stating she was old and they could no longer care for her.  Upon entering the shelter Lucy became depressed and refused to eat for only one reason, the family she knew and loved, devoted her life to for 8 years gave her away like yesterday’s trash.  In the process of HHBR finding a local rescue person to pull Lucy we were notified she died in her run at the shelter, the staff being positive of a broken heart!  We dedicate our rescuing to Lucy.  We never met sweet Lucy but know her sweet soul will join our other Basset Angels at the Rainbow Bridge and one day greet us all again! God’s Speed Sweet Lucy!!
Rescue Date: ??
At The Bridge: 2/15/2010
Loved By: Tara, Shelby, Vin and George, not to mention all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.
I rescued her from the West L.A. Animal Shelter approximately 12 years ago.  She had a gentle soul and loving heart.   She lived with her animal companion Spencer (Fox Terrier) who passed away over a year ago prior to our moving from Los Angeles to Florida.  She had the courage to stay the course when we moved far away and spent her days in my company.  She was ever faithful in joining me for my eternal long walks.  She is terribly missed my Sagie sweet angel love.
Rescue Date: 5/17/2010
At The Bridge: 5/26/2010
Loved By All That Met Him!
Piere was rescued from the Springfield, MO Animal Control Facility on 5/17/2010.  He had contracted Kennel Cough which turned quickly into pneumonia and made his little body and immune system incredibly fragile.  After being rushed to the vet for the pneumonia he was also diagnosed with a severe strain of Parvo.  His sweet soul fought the illness’s for 4 days before he could no longer fight and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Piere was loved by all who met him and those of us who never had the pleasure of smelling his sweet puppy breath!  Go run and be free and health with all our other sweet Basset angels baby Piere.  Gods Speed sweet baby boy!
Rescue Date: 6/2006
At The Bridge: 7/8/2010
Loved By John, Dianna, Susie, Maggie, Jena and brother Bubba
Emmy came into rescue with a serious Tick borne illness and they did not expect her to live.  We had just had to put our 18 year old basset, Clyde, down and at the time only had Susie whom we had gotten through rescue.  The rescue contacted us and asked us if we could give Emmy a home for the time she had left.  We gladly went and picked her up.  She melted our hearts and weaved her way into our lives and we swore we were going to help her over this illness.  She took her medicine like a trooper and slowly overcame the illness and got well.  We were so happy that she was going to be alright and we had totally fell in love with her and decided that Susie needed a sister so we adopted her.  Emmy was the sweetest person in a dog’s body that we have ever met.  She was always there to greet us when we came home from work and she watched over Susie for us during the day.  She always was the first to greet anyone that came to our house to see us so we called her Miss Congeniality.
When we got more into rescue and started fostering she was always the one to greet the new foster and watch over them as they adjusted to our home.  She loved to go for walks and loved to go to the park to walk around.  She developed a great love of cheese and you only needed to open the fridge and get out the cheese and start to unwrap it and she came a running no matter where she was.  She could hear the  cheese wrapper even if she was outside.  As she got older she just got more loving.  She was 14 years old when the vet discovered that she had a tumor in her nose.  We took her to the large vet hospital to see if there was anything that could be done as we knew she would be a fighter.  She was diagnosed with an inoperable nose tumor and we brought her home to live out her last few weeks.  She fought a long and valiant fight but in the end was unable to overcome this illness.  Emmy had to be put to sleep while we were on vacation and we are sure that is the way she planned it so we would not have to suffer so much.  God must be glad she is at Rainbow bridge to help all of the new comers as they come up to Rainbow bridge.  We are sure she is their “Miss Congeniality” and we miss her terribly as does her other sisters, Susie, Maggie, Jena and brother Bubba.  We will all see you again one day sweet Emmy.
Rescue Date: 6/30/2010
At The Bridge: 7/2/2010
Loved By John & Dianna (his foster parents) & all who met him!
This sweet boy is Elroy.  He was surrendered to HHBR when his elderly owner went into a nursing home and the son did not want to care for Elroy.  He was 14 years old and at this age in his life dedicated to his owner.  He arrived safely within our rescue and was received by open arms and love from the Britting Clan but unfortunately Elroy passed 3 days after arriving into rescue.  The only reason we can see is a broken heart as he appeared to be completely healthy.  Sweet Elroy we were pleased to have known your sweet presence even if for a short time and will someday meet again our dear friend.  Gods Speed Sweet Elroy!
Rescue Date: 8/18/2010
At The Bridge: 8/20/2010
Loved By John & Dianna (His Foster Parents) & all who met him!
Tracker was rescued from a small shelter in Southern KS.  He was the most adorable laid back Red & White hound we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.  He went into his foster home with John & Dianna and the crew of hounds there and showed nothing but love and kindness.  Two days after rescuing him they returned to find Tracker had passed away.  With no known causes as he was healthy, eating well, drinking well and playing with the crew.  We only got to love him for a short time but we will never forget him!   God’s Speed sweet boy!
Rescue Date: April 2008
At The Bridge: 8/19/2010
Loved By John, Dianna, Susie, Maggie,  and brother Bubba
Jenna came into rescue in April 2008 from Olathe Kansas. When she was pulled from the shelter her toenails were literally curled into her pads and you could tell she had had some pretty rough treatment.  She was taken to a groomers where she was pampered then she was transported to our home.  She was so happy to have someone love and take care of her and we fell in love with her almost from the first time we met her.  She fit right into our home with our other furbabies.  Jenna was a sweetheart and let everyone know that she thought she was the controller of the food bowls and water bowls.  The other girls in our group didn’t mind and just kind of ignored her when she would bark at them.  She was always the first to let everyone know when it was supper time or if it was treat time.  She loved to go out for walks and loved to ride.  She had a favorite sleeping place in our shop and we could always find her there.  Even though we only had her for a short 3 years, we will miss her dearly.  She is now healthy and free of pain and waiting at the Bridge along with her sister Emmy.  See you again Ms. Jenna.
Rescue Date: 2009
At The Bridge: 10/28/2010
Loved By Patrick & Jeanne, all his hound brothers & sisters and all who met him!
Fred was brought to HHBR in 2009 when his previous owner stated she could no longer care for him.  Upon arriving to HHBR it was discovered he was in incredibly poor health and had not been medically treated for infected & impacted anal glands,  toenails so grossly over grown they were curling, a severe case of Heart Worms and a thyroid condition, not using his hind legs at 100%  due to being over 20 lbs overweight & a pinched nerve in his back!  His spirit and determination never wavered while we helped him get healthy.  He was moved to his foster home in Iowa with Patrick & Jeanne  & given the new name of Bohdi  to start a new life, where he has spent his time being loved & cared for as one of HHBR’s “Forever Fosters”.   In July of 2010 a large mass was located under a front armpit causing Bohdi to not be able to use his front leg & all though it was successfully removed and Bohdi spent the next 4 months lapping up the love everyone offered him.  Due to the pinched nerve in his back and the nerves being compromised in the front leg he was no longer able to get up and move & it was decided to humanely offer Bohdi a life free of any pain.  He is now at the Rainbow Bridge running free in the grassy knolls on all 4 legs & eating at the never ending buffet.  We will miss you sweet boy and hope one day we meet again.
Sparky~The King of the Plackemeier Farm
Gotcha Date: 5/5/2006
At The Bridge: 12/22/2010
Loved By His Mom & Dad, all his hound brothers & sisters and all who met him.
From His Mom:
I was surfing the Internet looking for Bassets in need of rescue because I am a foster/rescue Mom.  The bio of Sparky immediately caught my eye.  “Sparky in need of  a Farm Family”.  Sparky doesn’t like to be cooped in….needs his space.   Well, what better place for him to live, with me, at the Plackemeier Farm.  We have lots of fenced acres with farm critters and a pond to keep him occupied.  Doggy doors we have for just that type of Basset.
How bad could he be, I ask….OH MY, that first month he was going to prove to us that he was the King.  He chewed both garage doors, door handles, door frames, the basement steps, sat in the middle of the kitchen table and would kindly center himself on the picnic table overlooking the pond…..but we got through those bumpy times because I knew he was one special boy.  Sparky finally came around to understand that I loved him no matter what and he grew to love me.  I have lots of memories with Sparky in the short amount of time that I got to share his life….  You see I am an outdoors person and I love to horseback ride and camp….and so did Sparky.  He even loved to boat ride – Enjoy the pictures that I took of him, but the one that was not shot with a camera will always be in my heart and mind – when he was doing something he shouldn’t, he would flatten those basset ears against his head and take off running, he truly would look like Dumbo.  That stunt would always get a belly laugh out of me.
Sparky you came into my life for a reason and I know that we will meet again.  You are breathing easier now my friend, jump up on that picnic table and enjoy the sun.
Gotcha Date: 4/15/2006
At The Bridge: 2/10/2011
Loved By the John & Kathy Boots Family, all his hound brothers & sisters and all who met him
This picture of our dog Duke was taken 8-6-2006 not long after we got him from rescue.  Duke was an awesome dog. He is very missed by all of our family. Wait for us at the bridge Dukie and we will see you there.
Gotcha Date: 12/7/2009
At The Bridge: 8/2/2011
Loved By: Dave, Cindy, Casey, Lilly & All Who Met Him
 You only spent a short time with us, but you will live in our hearts forever.
We will never forget the laughs , the frustrations, your unwavering love,  and those hugs; what we wouldn’t all give for just one more of those hugs.
Beyond the door
There’s peace, I’m sure
And I know there’ll be no more
Tears in heaven
 ‎”goodnight sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to they rest”
God Speed, sweet Doc- we love and miss you.
Gotcha Date: 8/13/2010
At The Bridge: 7/5/2011
Loved By: The Hirman Family, Buford & All Who Met Her
How could I resist that face?  There she was on the Hounds Haven Website, a beautiful LH basset?  I had to have her!  You know when a dog is meant to join your family, and she was coming home to Minnesota to live with mine.  She blended beautifully with my children and two other bassets, Matilda (who I also lost in January of 2010) and Buford Wallace.  Millie became Buford’s best friend and together they kept the squirrels and rabbits out of the yard (I loved that!), chased blowing leaves and would finally curl up for a nap.  Millie was also known as “Wiggle Butt”, she had the sassiest little wiggle that made you chuckle.
Thank you Millie for loving our family for the 11 months you were with us.  You brought us great joy and comic relief with your sweet, beautiful presence. Run and chase the Bunnies “Wiggle Butt”, we miss you!
Margaret (Maggie) Hope Cowan
Rescue Date: Feb. 2009
Gotcha Date: May 2009
 At The Bridge: 11/2/2011
  Loved By: Fran, Her Big Brother Murphy & All her Many Friends
From her Mom: ” I will miss her sweet trusting face,brown eyes and wiggly butt. See you soon sweet little girl, Maggie.”
Buddy Lee
Rescue Date: 5/2005 Holden, MO
Gotcha Date: 7/6/2005 Cedar Rapids, IA
At The Bridge: 9/22/2012
Loved By: Mike and Elaina Kempin &  Rachel Fortman
Buddy Lee was brought to the former Mid American Basset Rescue in Kansas City by a rescuer in MO.  He was found wandering and had clearly been neglected.
Immediately rushed to a vet, Buddy was successfully treated for heartworms and infections. We adopted him in July, 2005. Buddy was approximately age 5 at the time of adoption and even though a middle aged boy, he had a wonderful, fun-loving personality and he immediately became an inseparable part of our family.
Buddy Lee loved being outside with us in the yard and enjoyed trips to Petco and rides in the pickup truck. His unique howl and personality will be greatly missed by us all.
Buddy Lee was the Frey Pet Hospital pet of the month in September, 2006, and holds the distinctive honor as the “Best Barker” in Cedar Rapids.
At age 12, Buddy succumbed to pneumonia that was resistant to heavy antibiotic treatment.  Special thanks to Dr. Jen at Frey Pet Hospital in Cedar Rapids who did all she could and treated him with love, respect and a peaceful passing.
Rest in peace, Buddy Lee.

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